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Actsone VN


Established year: 2011

Typical product(s):

- Blueone Component: Collection of basic components, rich of functionalities, support application based on Adobe Flex background.

- GridOne: is rich of functionalities datagrid, support applications such as financial statistics, table forms, reports which can run on all browsers.

- System integration with Flex technology: e-Learning, Banking System, Heath Management System,….

Company introduction:

Actsone Vietnam is a software company with 100% foreign capital, headquarter is Actsone company based on Seoul, Korea.

We are expert in build component, framework, architecture with technology of Adobe Flash, Flex, Java and ColdFusion application,…in order to provide lot of interactive functionalities for web enterprise applications. Besides, we have engineers with rich of experience in design, integrate many kind of system based on our technologies that traditional web technology could not done. Furthermore, customers will enjoy interesting, artistic user interfaces supported by Korean designer.

ActsOne has developed, now is growing and committed to take all abilities into VietNam.

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